Pastors Page September 2018

I may not know the future but I know Him who holds the future


Marcus Wright

‘I may not know the future but I know Him who holds the future.’
This is a Christian saying to help us who so often concern ourselves with what the future holds. We want to know the future now! But God does not promise us that we will know the future. What He does promise is that He, as Sovereign Lord is trustworthy and will guide and direct His people. The writer of Proverbs understood this when he wrote, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. (Prov 3:5-6) God has spoken and central to his speech is the message of salvation. How He has loved us faithfully as his people despite our sin and has secured our forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ. We know our future is with Him now – through this life to its goal, God’s kingdom fulfilled. All our thinking, decisions and planning are to be made in this salvation context. Yet, We want to know how God will provide for us in detail.

God promises us that we will not be left without his provision for what we need as we seek Him first. We tend to want too much for God to show us what we should do. That is because we don’t want to trust God. We don’t like not being in control and having to rely on His Rulership
. Yet Jesus taught His disciples to pray that way (Mt 6:9-13). In line with this Jesus also told us in Mt 6:33 what we are to seek first. ‘ The kingdom of God and His righteousness. ‘ As we grow in maturity as to what that means we will indeed be productive Christians who don’t simply do many things but live out the deeds God is pleased with. (This is always relevant to any decisions we need to make!! ) Often we focus on what we think is best for us and forget that God our Heavenly Father promises to provide for our needs as we follow him. ‘ and all these things will be added unto you as well ’.

Good fathers desire their children not to question them about, or expect answers for, every detail of life. Father’s are looking for real trust from their children that they know best and already have their children’s best interests in mind. Our perfect Heavenly Father is of course our Lord and example for being fathers. Despite our failings even a fathers, He has adopted us into His family so that we would know His blessings. These blessings He gives but He desires that we trust Him as to how he gives them. Glory and honour are rightly His when His children trust Him as they should. The concluding verse of this passage reads, ‘ Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ Mt 6:34 God does not intend us to know all He knows. We could not handle all that He knows and we struggle to follow Him with the things He does allow us to know. We need to be content to leave the future to Him and look to Him to provide us with the details we need in His timing to live wisely before Him. What we do know is that God is looking for us to trust Him for the future. This gives Him the glory He deserves and is the way to be steadfast and effective servants. As you remember Father’s day take greatest comfort and security in knowing God as your perfect Heavenly Father.

Pastor Marcus