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ROSTER for April

SUNDAY 8 April

Worship Leader Alistair Piano Jenny Singers Lance & Warren Sound John Power Point Neil Welcome Ken & Pauline Steward Ken R Creche Kitchen Duties Amy D & Joan Bulletin

SUNDAY 15 April

Worship Leader Wendell Piano Jenny Singers  John P & Jacqui Sound Nathan Power Point Neil Welcome Wally & Brigitte Steward Peter E Creche Kitchen Duties Wendy W & Amy G Bulletin

SUNDAY 22 April

Worship Leader Marcus Piano Lisa & girls Singers Fred & Alistair Sound John … Continue Reading ››


OLD CODGERS MUSIC MORNING This is a group dealing strictly with Secret Men’s Business—in the form of listening to and/or playing music. There are two groups—one on the second Tuesday of the month and the other on the [?'d} Thursday of the month.  Both groups meet between 10:00 am and noon in the Darlings' home. Continue Reading ››