Alright ladies, we need to stick together!

Let’s get together for a weekend and heard from the word of
God from other ladies who are living a victorious life in Christ
and have something to share with us. With workshops,
outings and a little pampering, it’s not hard to en­joy ourselves.

We’ll not shy away from the things that need to be shared or
miss out on the crucial life-giving truth. The teaching at
Spring Conference is directly from the Father’s heart and is
filled with His love and truth.

Speakers are:

Bonnie Thomas—”Choose Joy

Elizabeth Kendal— “Persecution: We Are Not Powerless

Bring your girlfriends and grow together.

Non-residential rates are available to locals—or just come for the teaching sessions at $10 per session.

To find more information or to register, go to events/

or phone 4868 1516