Pastor’s Page – November 2017


Over the past five Sundays we have looked the key tenets coming out of the Reformation—the rediscovery of Biblical teaching.

These points of emphasis had in common the term “sola” meaning “alone”.  According to Scripture alone, salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone , in Christ alone to the glory of God alone.  The term “alone” was as critical then as it is now, and it makes clear it is God alone, not God plus us or me, that determines what is the truth.  It provides everything we need to be saved.  Simply put, God and God alone saves us from first to last.  This is the most humbling of messages, but the only truly Good News there is.

As God Himself declares, we are by nature undeserving, unable and unwilling to merit, achieve or seek right relationship with our Creator.  The wonderful news of the Gospel is that despite all this, God chooses to provide—at the greatest cost to Himself—everything we need to be reconciled to him.