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The Book of Hebrews


Over the course of the first half of the year we will be looking at the letter to the Hebrews. Some good reasons for reading and studying this book are as follows…

  • As any part of the Bible, this letter is relevant to us because it is God’s word, but Hebrews is particularly useful in helping us to understand how and why this is so. The writer seeks to open the way in which the Old Testament is fulfilled in Jesus Christ and is constantly applying this to us as Christians. Thus, Hebrews helps us in our appreciation and understanding of the Old Testament and how it relates to us now.
  • The focus upon the way in which God’s revelation of His plans has been finally and fully revealed in Jesus Christ helps us to recognise that in the Gospel we have everything we need to live faithfully as God’s people today. There is no other alternative or additional “good news” that we need to be searching for or seeking to follow besides that which is centred in the person and work of the Son.
  • Finally, the letter as a “word of exhortation” or “encouragement” to be “complete” (Hebrews 13:20-22) is the type of strong/firm message we need to be hearing in days of complacency and compromise. As Christians living in the middle of a society constantly promoting “self-determined” or “popularly defined” religion and growing in hostility to an exclusive, Biblically and historically based Christianity, Hebrews helps challenge and equip us to persevere in this real spiritual battle.
  • Hebrews is not one of the easier books of the Bible to read because it utilises so much content and context from the Old Testament which tends to be less familiar to we western Christians. As we work through it, can I suggest you also be reading through the Old Testament. I trust that Hebrews will encourage you to do this as we see how knowing the Old Testament clarifies and enriches our faith and wonder at all that God has done through His Son.

Please let me know if you would like some guidance or resource in reading and studying.